Thursday, November 26, 2015

I am Thankful for (Blank) in 2015!

In years past I have written a blog post on Thanksgiving Day about something or things I am thankful for. Last year was not dying on Mt. Everest and 2012 was a smattering of 100 things I am thankful for.

What to write about this year? A list? No, that will come again, but not this time. The thing I am most thankful for? Well that's God, covered in 2013. Humm... what else?

Family. I am extremely thankful for my family. It's an ever evolving relationship as we all age. To say that there has not been yelling by all parties would be a lie. To say that any person in the family is perfect would be a lie. We are imperfect humans. However, I look at my parents and my sister and wonder how our little unit got here. We are so blessed! For example, my mom and my sister came to Italy in April for the 24 Hour World Championships, despite the fact I was injured going into it and there was a 95% chance it was not going to be a 150 mile day. They still came. My dad, I think of all the middle school basketball games he came to as I sat on the bench, he didn't have to be there. Every time I go off on some hair brained adventure risking life and limb, they might not understand why, but they support me. I was blessed with a great family from my birth, and I hope that I can pay my thanks forward to others.

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