Monday, November 2, 2015

I Live in Iowa: Week 227

Another week that saw me spend two nights and three days outside of Iowa, it was Louisiana this past week. I even took a picture and put it on my blog a few days ago. 

Work was good. The three days I spent in Louisiana were frustrating because we were looking for a problem, but did not find it while I was there. Fortunately they found it Wednesday afternoon, and again on Thursday. ... Which means I am writing this from a hotel in Louisiana Monday evening. One of the big challenges is identifying the problem. Seriously, we don't always know that something is wrong, don't get me started on "a (insert any rotating part of the machine) noise" which does not necessarily mean something is wrong. However, there was indeed a problem on this particular machine so we are fixing it.

I only ran two days, nine miles total. I'll take it. The week was spent recovering really. Sunday and Monday the muscular soreness, Tuesday and Wednesday I had pain in my third and fourth metatarsals in my right foot, and Thursday I had a bad sore throat. Friday I started running again, sluggish, but healthy.

In other news, we had a costume party Friday night, and a couple of my rock climbing friends and I went as presidential candidates, which ones? Aside from Trump (look at the hair) does it matter?
Saturday I spectated the Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference cross country championship and it was muddy! There was a slight rain all morning and the course was chewed up by the time the men finished running! Oh cross country!
A bunch of fast college kids running in the mud.

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