Monday, November 16, 2015

I Live in Iowa: Week 229

This was a nice week. For starters, while I greatly enjoy traveling for work, spending three out of five work weeks in hotels can wear on a person, and I did not travel this week.

Work was good, I had a cold room test on Monday, at -40°, which I always enjoy. The rest of the week was spent trouble shooting a variety of quality issues and taking a number of software classes for a new system that we are going to begin using in December. I expect that I will travel for work before Thanksgiving, but I don't have anything planned of early Monday the 16th.

Running was also good, I ran 42 miles, no workouts. I was still getting over the cold I have had the last two weeks and most days I didn't even feel up to running five miles. Fortunately on Saturday at the end of the week I managed to put in a 12 miler. The daily pleasantry of running over the trails through the forest for well over an hour is so nice.

On the social side I had dinner with a nice lady Friday, and watched the Iowa Hawkeyes first ever 10-0 game at my friends' house Saturday. Plus I went for a social bicycle ride on Saturday, and went out for wings on Thursday, although I didn't actually have any wings. That's about the most social week I have had in some time.

Saturday I watched Inside Out the movie, and it is excellent! It is so true how when we are young our understanding of emotions is simple, but as we grow older the extremes are usually tempered with a mix of emotions. When I hear this constant drive in the media to be happy, it actually gives me a little disgust, because happiness on it's own, exclusively, seems so ignorant. There is a lot of sadness and fear in the world, and valid reasons to have anger sometimes, but remaining happy as you hear about starving refugees or bombs in Paris is not the compassionate emotion to express.

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