Monday, November 9, 2015

I Live in Iowa: Week 228

It was a good week, because God has blessed me to look at my life as the best life in the world. It certainly wasn't ideal. I started out the week recovering from a sore throat, and then leaving home at 4 AM to be on a 6 AM flight south. Monday went okay, but Tuesday the sore throat was back with a vengeance. Normally it would be no big deal, but on a work trip to Covington, Louisiana I had no place to hide. In fact, for the first time in my life Tuesday I repinned an electrical connector that we accidentally broke while repairing a machine. It took me three hours. However, it worked just fine once the machine began running again. 

By Wednesday I was all out sick. Sick on a work trip is no fun. There is nowhere to hide or go home early. The upside is I had Louisiana oysters Wednesday night and they were good! The downside was maxing out my corporate credit card. 

Thursday on the way to the airport I was called by my travel colleague who basically said, "our repair is broken, we need to repair it again." That's not actually what he said, he was far more specific, but that's what he meant. It's frustrating to spend two long days working on something only to know it has to be done all over again. 

Friday I was hoarse at work. I went in because I've learned that mentally if I can finish something that is giving me stress I will physically recover faster. It's amazing how a little progress mentally helps make progress physically. 

I slept 12 hours and had a quiet Saturday running for all of 20 minutes for the first time since Sunday. I did go out to eat with friends and then watched Good Will Hunting. Not too exciting I know, but it was the social event of my Saturday. 

Also, Inside Out the Pixar movie hit Redbox this weekend, with more demand and less availability than I have ever seen for another movie at Redbox. I am excited to someday get to see it. 

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