Friday, October 23, 2015

For the Most Part, They Don't Care

One click leads to another click, which lead me to this article about depression and eating disorders. Towards the end of the article it mentions how there is backlash for sharing personal information on the Internet. That is totally true, but in my experience the negative backlash of people who say "you're going to regret sharing..." is far outweighed by the people that say, "I read your blog...and liked it." Furthermore, while people being fired for posts on social media does happen, and it's something everyone needs to think about before posting that picture you will regret, in large part I don't think employers really care. I mean, they pay people to do a job, and how well can you restrict what people do on their off time?

We all have baggage. We have all done things that are wrong, things worth regretting. In many ways it is harder now to hide those things like you might have been able 30 years ago. Point being, for the most part, no one really cares that you post your personal struggles.

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