Friday, October 2, 2015

Feeling like a failure, is only a feeling.

Feelings are not fact. I learned that when studying eating disorders during a presentation I witnessed. The perpetual, "I feel fat" does not at all mean one is fat. In that specific case, typically the people that say that are some of the least fat. 

Seth Godin wrote a blog post about this that was published this week:

It's a good article. I fail a lot, yet I have the best life in the world. Sometimes I get labeled arrogant and part of the reason is I feel like a winner much of the time. Certainly my emotions are more complicated with both feelings of depression and arrogant expressions of success, often within minutes or hours of each other. 

The point is, attitude makes a big difference in life. For me, being Christian, and all that really means, is like the biggest success I can have, so hopefully some of that positivity, and really love, spills into the other aspects of life, even the failures, which truth be told often teach us much more than success. 

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