Friday, April 24, 2015

One Shot, One Opportunity

I'm going to Maine next week and I have to say I am extremely excited! I'm on a secret mission (or something like that) for work. It is a "mission" I have been lobbying to go on for the last 11 months and it's actually happening! The results of this short trip will be studied and direct quite a bit of my future work, as well as my team's future work. Point being, it's exciting. There is also some pressure to get it right. This is a one shot thing, and if we screw it up it will cost months of time and quite a bit of money. We're going to learn a lot!

Sometimes we only have one shot, one chance to get it right. Fortunately in things like long distance running or engineering that one shot might take a week of dedicated time or hours and hours of running, so it's not like one pitch in a baseball game, but the idea is the same. I try to take this attitude to most of the things I do. It's like 60% the next step, perfectly. It's why I kept walking for 10 painful hours at the 24 hour world championships, I don't know for sure I will get another chance, and I wanted to know I kept going and gave it everything.

When you give your best, you know there are no questions left at the end, that was your best. No one is perfect, and your best might not be as good as someone else's best, but if you really give your best, chances are you will be surprised how good that is.

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