Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I Live in Iowa: Week 200!

Wow I've lived in Iowa a long time! It's surprising to me how long I have been here. Yet there are quite a few reasons I have stayed here this long. Enough reasons that I should really take the time to write a separate blog post about them. In large part though, it's the people, the work experience, and the facilities, if you would call the short commute, great trails, nice paved roads and such facilities.

After the excruciating final 10 hours of the 24 hour world championships, my week started in Italy. My mom took this picture of my sister and I sun burnt and tired as I hobbled out of the stadium. I have to say, a 24 hour run is a very satisfying thing to finish. I can easily say that on the day I could not have done any better because I did not know any better.
Post 24 Hour Run... Hobble
The rest of the week was very quiet. Sunday afternoon we had the awards ceremony. Also, Sunday afternoon we were all dealing with the aftermath of a long race and sleep deprivation, which wrecked nearly as much damage on our crews as on us runners.

Monday my mom and I traveled to Milan and stayed in a tiny little hotel up a narrow flight of stairs in an old section of town. At supper I had this dish of mushrooms cooked in oil with bread, the kind of dish I've never even heard of in the US.

Tuesday my flights all went very smoothly, although between Monday night and the three flights I only had maybe four hours of sleep in 40 hours. My dad met me at the airport and helped me with my luggage and getting to my van. Then I drove three hours back to Dubuque, stopping at Hy-Vee to pick up a magnesium supplement before I even got home.

The rest of the work week was nice and quiet. We had a major issue with one of "my" parts, but in the transition from design team to manufacturing team other people took responsibility for the issue and led the necessary action. In other words, exactly what is supposed to happen, happened.

Saturday I went to a track meet and spent three hours in the sun getting sun burnt, again. Life is good! I hope you had a good week too.

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