Monday, April 6, 2015

I Live in Iowa: Week 198

Work was calm. Which is basically a first for 2015. I was in the office about a day and a half before taking a trip down to Kansas to inspect the final testing on our new axle. I am thrilled to say the test results were spectacular! After years of development and millions of dollars we have a product, that barring normal quality variation, is really going to be the best in the market. When you travel for that sort of work issue, it's a good trip. Usually I only travel because something is broken and I know more about it than everyone else.

I ran once this past week, but it was a nice 14 mile run at 6:49 pace on Monday. I asked myself, 'if I could do one workout before this upcoming 24 hour race, what would it be?' The result was a medium long run (14-17 miles) at a moderate pace (sub 7) any longer and I might really break myself, any faster and the same negative result. So it's six days later and I haven't run yet, and my leg still hurts, so... we'll see.

We had Friday off of work for Good Friday and it was nice to travel back up to my parents house in Wisconsin and spend some time with my family. Even if it meant that everyone seems so much more excited for this upcoming race than I do. There is a history of runners experiencing major setbacks before big races and coming through really well. Emil Zatopek, Joan Benoit Samuelson, even a previous USA 24 hour runner Jon Olsen. There is something to learn in every experience and while I hate to admit that resting could possibly be good for me, perhaps that was a purpose of this injury. The other side of the coin is, what ever happens, I qualified to go! Getting to the start line is sometimes the hardest part.

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