Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I Live in Iowa: Week 201

As life goes, sometimes it picks up. This past week ended up being a busy enough week. At work we ran into an issue, and it has no easy solution. Which means it ends up requiring quite a bit of time. I even worked a little on Saturday and Sunday thanks to this issue as well. One hard aspect of this is that designing out the issue would be challenging, or at least expensive. You know, work can take it out of me. I try to look at this experience, and work in general more as a learning experience, and to state the facts and let others make the opinions. When I offer an opinion it so commonly gets shot down or argued against. I'd like to make more decisions, and maybe I can, although it is difficult when I have the least seniority in the group. 

Running went wellish. I ran three times for a total of seven miles. Unfortunately my left fibula, which I ran 90 miles on two weeks ago without pain, started to hurt again. Great. So I'm working with some doctors to figure it out. 

Saturday morning my parents started texting me at 7 AM about the earthquake in Nepal. Wow! What a situation! I have to board a plane in five minutes, so this will be short. Dawa Steven Sherpa, head of Asian Trekking, is my best source for info. He is working with a Turkish rescue team and posting his resource needs on Facebook. Looks like diesel and satellite communications bandwidth are two things he could use right now. Everyone I know is safe except for one of my Sherpa friends. I assume he is simply out of communication range. 

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