Thursday, January 15, 2015

Team USA!

Well, it's not posted on the USATF website, and won't be for probably a week, but I was offered a position on the USA 2015 24 Hour World Championship team and I accepted. 

As soon as I read the email I responded that yes, I accept the offer. The email was rather specific that we have a week to accept or not. Then I started to think, maybe I should have waited a couple days and played hard to get? I mean that's how the business world and dating world seem to go. Maybe I should have first asked some esoteric questions like how to import pomegranate juice to Italy or will we be able to have eggs for breakfast? Honestly, I was actually wondering those two questions, and many others, although regardless of the answers I will make do. 

This will be my first national team and international team competition. I am really excited! I am going to have a USA jersey, and one given specifically to me, not bought. I hope we get some sort of matching track suit too, it would be great to wear something like that to a D3 college track meet or a local Dubuque race, or just jogging on Grandview. Haha! 

Obviously I have been hoping this would be the outcome. As I watched other 24 hour results the last few months I anxiously waited for the day when the qualifying window closed with my name near the top of the list. That day has past. There are many details still to iron out, for one I need to get in shape. I ran nine miles tonight for the first time since November, thank you ankles and tendons. No idea on the travel schedule. Not much local info from the Italians yet. Not sure what my work schedule will be in April. Totally need to find a wheelchair before the race...

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