Monday, January 19, 2015

I Live in Iowa: Week 187

What a week it was. I spent the whole work week in Davenport, working to help us "smoothly" transition from digital to physical. Smooth is relative, if you look at anything with a fine enough microscope, it will appear jagged. I don't know how many hours I worked, but I'm pretty sure it was over 50, and then I went into the office on Saturday as well. I'm writing this Sunday afternoon and after I get it written, I'm going to open up my work laptop and see if there are any emails I need to respond to. Officially we are on a three day weekend, but the work demands of now, and the next couple weeks are seriously the most urgent of my fledgling career.  We have already had delays, that I am willing to take responsibility for, but they have all been minor, measured in minutes or hours, and I fear the delay that might last a day or longer because I did not settle some issue. Plus, Saturday morning we had a rather significant issue come up.

It's strange, this is go time, this is the month, or two months, I have been fearing for the last year and a half, and it's here. It's real. We will win, there is no other option than success, even if we have to go into overtime, for a third month. Some of the exciting news is, I'm valuable enough that instead of walking, I get the privilege of riding tricycle, and sometimes riding on a Cushman motor scooter. The key is, find the issues as quick as possible, fix them, and then quick fix the next 15 products lined up behind the first one with the original issue. Whew! It's a whirlwind.

Running went great! 48 miles, and I ran every day! None of it was faster than 7 minute mile pace, and much of it was slower than 8 minute mile pace, but the weather cleared up and no new snow or ice, I didn't fall while running. Things are going well.

Only got out cross country skiing once, for about 35 minutes, but I did average over 4 miles per hour, my fastest yet. Most of the snow is about melted so we'll have to wait for more snow before skiing.

I passed 1000 point in learning German with Duolingo this week. After my trip to Germany last year I started learning and I am taking maybe 20-25 minutes a day to learn German. It's not a whole lot, but I am making progress and I am being quite consistent, at least six days out of seven. After spending six years learning Spanish in school I am finding a third language easier to pick up. The idea of masculine and feminine and singular or plural, that in many ways is similar for Spanish as it is for German, and both are quite unlike English.

That's about it.

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