Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Está Frío!

In Spanish that means "it is (temporarily) cold." It did not get above zero Fahrenheit here in Dubuque today. I didn't even run, but I'll blame that on the cold I am trying to recover from as much as the outside temperature. 

In Spanish there are two verbs that mean to be: ser and estar. Ser is a more permanent to be, like I am a US citizen, and estar is a more temporary to be, like I am at home. In other words, simply using a different form of be to describe the weather makes it a little more tolerable because it's not permanent. It is a small distinction but in English saying "it is cold" is so negative and permanent. 

I enjoy learning other languages because they show us the differences in how we see the world based on our first language. For example in Spanish there is no evening, they go strait from afternoon to night.

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