Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ship, Ship, SHIP!!

Our goal is to get product out the door. Time is not only sensitive, it is critical.

I see an attitude of fear of shipping all too often in my life. I see it in engineering and manufacturing, running races, writing blog posts, and especially following dreams. As an investor, revenue matters. Having a larger cash flow is typically a beneficial thing for a business. Revenue is the result of shipping products and services.

Not all of my blog posts are good, some are downright boring and others are a waste of your time. A point of the blog today is that I ship every weekday. Get the imperfect product and service out there, so that you can test, evaluate and modify in the future. At some point on an oil painting the artist needs to stop tweaking. While there are certainly things that could change, perfection is unobtainable. Name one physical thing or human idea in history that is perfect? I can't think of any, yet many of the best things are the result of lessons learned shipping much lesser things.

Whatever your lot in life, ship today, it's well worth it.

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