Monday, May 13, 2013

I Live in Iowa: Week 107

Another busy week in the books! At work the days were long and the learning significant. Spending time in the factory on the assembly line is an experience that is very rewarding. It contrasts so much to the cushy desk I normally drive. Parts do not go together perfectly like they do in our computer models. That is not new, I've been dealing with that since the ice axe in 2008, but it continues to be a reminder and learning experience of the importance of tolerances in design.

Coaching is nearly over for the school year. A handful are competing again this weekend, but many are done. We had our conference championship track meet. For the athletes I work with we set two school records and a number of personal records. I would like to say that everyone ran their best race of the year, as we planned for them to do at outdoor conference, but it was not to be. For a variety of reasons, like fatigue and race pacing, not everyone had the best race of the year. I suppose that is to be expected, but I struggle because it is easy to focus on the failures more than the successes. Overall our team had an amazing year! We set personal records at every distance. Plus, we did a lot of basic aerobic quality work, next year will be even better.

I only ran 16 miles for the week at a 9:04 pace average. Keeping my heart rate under 136 is a bit of a challenge, especially running uphill. This is good for me, I need the rest and recovery. I think I gained a pound or two, I'm feeling fat and out of shape despite the fact I am neither.

It was a good week, development is happening nicely even if it doesn't happen two steps forward at a time.

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