Tuesday, May 14, 2013


...on coffee, on running, on a paycheck, on whatever the vice or insecurity is. It is almost two weeks (to the hour) since I last had coffee. I struggled this morning. I slept over eight hours last night, yet I was exhausted this morning. The kick of my oolong tea is not the same as a cup of coffee. It's funny, I don't even just miss the caffeine, I miss the taste. While I enjoy lattes and other mixed drinks, really good coffee is best with little to nothing added. Really good coffee is hard to find though. Here I am missing the kick, the taste, and the ritual of using my French press when I wake up. I think I will probably drink coffee my whole life, except of course on hiatuses like now.

I realized while I was unemployed in 2010 how far more dependent on my family and friends I was than I knew before unemployment. We are all more dependent than we care to admit.

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