Wednesday, May 15, 2013

95th Percentile Unusual

I have been labeled as a hipster lately. Personally I've been calling myself alternatively a yuppie or a dirtbag depending on the circumstances the last seven years. I realized that people like to be part of a group, and basically normal, but with a few unusual skills or stories.

We were sitting around in a group and people were telling stories about an extreme event they had gone through. I wanted to bring up one of my Asian experiences but I didn't because it was so far beyond the unusual experiences everyone was discussing that it was a conversation killer. You know what I am talking about, the story that no one has a response to or a more dramatic story to follow up. I realized that the stories being told were 95th percentile unusual versus the story I had which might have been 99th percentile unusual.

It is strange to see people interact with extreme circumstances. On the one hand they are more rewarding the more difficult and exclusive they are. However, one step towards the extreme is a step away from the normal, the accepted, and conversation about the weather. In other words, do that crazy thing you want to do! Just know that after you do it your relationships will change because others do not understand your experience. I guarantee that if you move from the 95th percentile unusual to the 99th percentile unusual the reward of the experience will be worth it. You will know yourself far better and understand things that others do not understand.

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