Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Killed The Car Driving Through a Puddle

The scare I had on Friday when I killed my van was because it rained all day and leaving the parking lot at work I drove through a puddle. Maybe three inches deep. Apparently it is common to electrically short a vehicle driving through a puddle, if the vehicle electrical system is not watertight, another common issue on older vehicles.

The lesson, watch out for puddles, and don't roar through them at 25 miles per hour in a rainstorm like I did on Friday.


  1. Lesson Learned? Time to get a new vehicle! No sense in putting any more money into it, and you'll be surprised at how much stress you'll get rid of by not having to worry about whether or not your van will work. Besides, based on your previous postings, you can afford it!!!!

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