Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thoughts on Mass Killings

The elementary school shooting in Connecticut is mind boggling. I do not understand what motivates a person to shoot a bunch of six and seven year olds. No idea. My best guess is that bullying somehow played a part. I have been on both sides of the bullying, as have most people, it's not easy. Fortunately, it gets better! Hang in there kids! Adults are usually a lot more mature, it might just take until they are 37 years old. Be patient, wait a day or two before reacting.

However, lest we ignore history:

Except for the postal incident these are all events that have shaped my life. This is the world we live in. For the most part we are actually pretty sheltered in this country. Nearly 10 per day are bombed and shot in radical militant related violence in Pakistan! 

These make me sad. This is our world. It will happen again.

The only possible solution I have, more education and more communication. 

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  1. How about better Gun Control Laws? Right to bear Arms? What a joke!


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