Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lessons from the Greatest Grass Roots Movement Ever

Merry Christmas! I was in church last night and the part of the Christmas story about the shepherds was told and it dawned on me that Christianity is the best, most effective, wide spread, grass roots movement ever. In a world where everyone wants to capture viral marketing and have the next big thing, Christianity really owns the idea of a grass roots authentic community. What makes Christianity so successful? Aside from the faith in God, eternity, forgiveness issues that form the basis of Christianity there are a few logistic methods that seem to be effective.

  • Base the movement around perfection. Unfortunately, that takes out just about everything. But it's a good goal.
  • Start early. Most non-profits don't have the luxury of talking about their main character hundreds of years before he is born, or even when he is born or a teenager, but identifying the main characters earlier rather that later gives more time for idea development or communication.
  • Appeal to common people. Appeal to people who have unmet needs. Those that don't need you, don't need you.
  • Be patient. Growth may be linear, non-linear, hockey stick, declining, or a little bit of everything. If the message matters, people will share it.
In summary: Merry Christmas!


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