Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Live in Iowa: Week 84

Boy oh boy. I have been gushing thankfulness for my wealth recently, and it will probably continue to explode over the next month. Why? In the next month my net worth will probably swing from negative to positive for the first time since 2005. Lest I just talk about money, I feel money is a symptom of wealth not the definition of wealth. Other articles to be posted on that in the future.

I worked at work a full five days. I was not particularly productive this week. Sometimes my job engineering involves clerical or administrative work and I don't get to do the standard work that I might normally do. With my recent upgrade to Windows 7 and my desk changing locations and lingering projects from Indonesia I spent time emailing and downloading software nearly as much as I spent time solving structural problems. Thus is life.

On a related note, I sent a couple of emails this week at work where I expressed emotion. This is unusual because engineering is a rather factual, unemotional discipline. To be more specific, a few months ago when I articulated that I cared it changed my outlook on the projects I am involved in. In other words, sometimes, perhaps often, in engineering we determine that something is good enough. Well, "good enough" is often a matter of opinion. If everyone agrees, it is good enough, but when not everyone agrees that it is good enough the product suffers, at least in someone's opinion. So I expressed concern, written in emails. It reminds my of the financial emails they are always reading on the news about brokers selling bad investments. Obviously it is not like that at all. It is rather like producing B work versus A work, although to be business honest about it, B work costs $X and A work costs $10X. Anyway, it's interesting. I am learning both about the economic realities of business and my personal quality values. I will say, customers, your voice carries weight.

Running was interesting to say the least. Sunday I ran 12 miles with three Loras alumni at a modest 6:43 pace, which given my relative low state of fitness, was a task. I did not run Monday, trespassed on private property in a five mile run Tuesday, and took Wednesday off as well. The private property incident, unintentional, won't happen again. Don't worry too much I was not shot at or sent to jail. I had a massage Wednesday night and as often happens my body rebounds after such an event and by Saturday I doubled for more than 23 miles on the day. So I ran 60 miles this week, in five days of running, and I am probably going to be injured again.

Coaching was a mixed bag. I had some very nice runs and good conversations. The season, and years ahead, looks to be just fantastic! Yet the wisdom and relationships of a few force me to really wonder about the future stability of a number of individuals. These situations are so foreign to me that I have no idea what to make of them. Perhaps these things are normal? I do not know. Regardless, I am committed to the development of these individuals because once again, I care. Perhaps these issues are simply standard faire in the realm of working with young people.

Interestingly enough, November was the first month ever in the 46 months this blog has existed that I did not experience year over year growth in pageviews or visits. I seem to be leveling out in the 50-60 visits and 70-90 pageviews per day range. However, I see that as a temporary dip as I continue to develop my platform. Additionally, I have not been doing much publicity recently, and that is usually good for hundreds of hits.

Janzen Gear Hangboards are for sale!

My social life deserves a mention. I might as well be a counselor or therapist. At every turn in my life I am blessed. My life is very simple. My baggage, while heavy and regrettable, fits in one carry-on. That needs to be clarified. My sins are extremely significant and destructive.  The enormity of my transgressions is unmeasurable. Still my blessings have an abundance I can not fathom. To hear of the struggles of my friends and acquaintances intrigues and astounds me. Of the several issues that came up for the first time to me in the last week, I can not mention a single one because each one is so unique that it would be immediately obvious to several people which incident was about which person. That is another idea, are these issues unique or am I just naive? The world is a scary place.

I am here to hear. However, one of these days I will die, probably sooner rather than later in the grand scheme of things, and I will not be here any more. An article on death, and the beginning of a new mini-series tomorrow. In the meantime, how can I help?

Thank you for reading! It is always a huge compliment, that I will try to deny in person, when someone says, "I read your blog." I am so blessed. I hope that this blog is one small way that I can share the abundance and experience of my life with others.


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