Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2016 Olympic Marathon Trials Standards

They released the standards today. The expenses paid weekend will be 2:15:00 or better for the men and 2:37:00 or better for the women. It will take 2:18:00 or 2:43:00 in the marathon or 1:05:00 or 1:15:00 in the half just to get entry.

That's 5:15.7 per mile. About two and a half seconds per mile faster than it was in 2012 and around ten seconds a mile faster than in 2007.

What can I say? The goal is running at the trials. Thus, 5:15 just became my new favorite pace. At least it's easier to calculate around than 5:18. So 95% is about 5:30, 90% is about 5:46, 85% 6:02, 80% 6:18, and 105% 5:00, no, let's say 4:59. Those will all be key paces I try to put hundreds of miles in at during the next four years.

Would I prefer an easier standard? It doesn't really matter does it? The standard is the standard. It would be nice to feel that my yearly dues go toward my entry in a race once in my life. But that is me grappling with the reality of the task ahead.

Can I run a 2:17:XX or better? Yes. Am I willing to do what it takes to run that? I am not sure. To be honest, there will be a lot of failure along this experience. Do I have to make major life changes to run that kind of race? I don't know, possibly. We will find out. This will be interesting.

Source: http://www.runnersworld.com/races/tougher-standards-2016-olympic-marathon-trials


  1. I know you'll make it, Isaiah!

  2. Russ, it means so much when a trusted friend says that. I mean I stare at the enormity of the 12 minutes and 25 seconds I have to get faster, and I know for the most part what has to be done, it is just so much. I doubt myself. Not that I will get much better but if I will get there.


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