Monday, May 7, 2012

I Live in Iowa: Week 55

Another week come and gone. I went to work every weekday. The funny event of the week was at one of our 2 PM chocolate breaks. My coworker, technically my advisor, said that the last time he took any time off was a half day before Thanksgiving. I laughed at that, then I stopped because I had not taken any time off since Friday December 2nd. Work is... an educational experience.

I ran a measly 35 mile this week. I stopped running Thursday because I have been having some lower leg pain on the outside of my left leg. It hurts down near the tendon but I think that the cause a a knot higher in the muscle closer to the knee. Regardless I'm taking some time "off". I am at three days with no running so far. I have been bicycling and walking instead.

I struggle to take time off because I am so slow that I am afraid to lose the fitness I have built up over years of training. Yet Alberto Salazar, Bill Rogers, Brad Hudson, Buddy Edelen, Josh McDougal and others have run themselves into the ground because of their refusal to rest. How many cautionary tales do I need to read about and watch in interviews before I understand that a week or two without running is far better than a career ending setback. I'm learning how to rest. It's hard. Harder than learning how to run 100 mile weeks in my opinion. The satisfaction is not immediate.

Coaching is... coaching. It has it's ups and downs, the athletes who set personal records and the athletes who get left in the dust in their heat, all within the same hour. This is all progress. It is all a learning experience. For example, athlete B has no base thus the inconsistent running. Athlete M is rested and fresh thus the PR. Athlete B has had an amazing season but is getting worn out thus the good performance, but not a PR. Athlete J has so much talent in his veins that even his light training leads to strong performances. Athlete L has struggled with injuries and not increased his volume of training. Are we having a successful relationship? Am I fulfilling the duties set before me?

On the investing note, DHT gave their quarterly results this week. I was amazed that the backstopped equity offering was only 58% subscribed! I fully subscribed and I continue to be excited about this company. For example, Anchorage Capital, who I am not familiar with, put in tens of millions of dollars over the last month. Why would they invest in this stock if they did not expect to make money? If you haven't bought any, now is a good time. The share price is around $0.80 and in two weeks they are giving a $0.02 dividend per share. Ummm... amazing?! You can make 2.5% on your investment just by buying the stock this week and sell it for the same price that you buy it for in two or three weeks. Of course, the share price could plummet and you would be left with only the dividend.

It is amazing how negative I can be in writing! Life is good my friends! I make a ton of money. I have so many blessings and gifts! By the way, I bought a motorcycle helmet. You can rest easy.

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  1. Yep - bragging again about how much money you make. Very off-putting.


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