Monday, May 14, 2012

I Live in Iowa: Week 56

This will be short. I just wrote I Have So Much!! and that is clearly more exciting than my weekly update on life.

Work was good this week. It is as always a learning experience. I made progress on my projects, I collaborated well, and I had a couple good conversations. It is progress and development. There is something I am wrestling with right now, in my own head, which I see as having only positive outcomes, but which is not completely organized yet, so I won't talk about it. It is just something I am excited about and look forward to.

On the coaching side I was at one practice all week I think. They practiced at a different time most days. However, we had the IIAC meet and it went really well for us. It is bittersweet though. School records were set in the decathlon, women's 4x800, women's 400 and we had dozens of PRs and season bests. I often have hesitation as a coach wether I am doing the right thing, and then to have the athletes I work with have great days, it is such a blessing! I also spent some time talking with other coaches and participating in a coaches meeting and talking to a couple of athletes from other teams. It was a wonderfully educating experience. I already look forward to the next school year and developing the relationships I have started and developing more relationships. I also look forward to making statistical progress and improving the performance of our team, not only on the track, but in everything else as well.

My own training was a much needed rest. I only ran 3.5 miles this week. I did bicycle about 60 miles and spent a few hours walking, which is pretty much nothing for me. It was good. After a moderately successful season I needed the break both physically for my leg and mentally to rekindle the fire of desire. Fire rekindled. Please do vote on what my next marathon should be. I get most excited training for a marathon, and I plan to run one before April 2013, I am just not sure which one.

I don't often talk about my faith, or even mention that I go to church, especially on this blog. The reason is that I hope my actions will be representative of the great faith that I have. However, in this case I must make a mention of my experience Sunday at church and Bible study. It was exactly what I needed, the Gospel and sermon were about love and in Bible study we are going through Isaiah. The middle part of Isaiah 61:1 is, "He has sent me to bind up the broken hearted,..." I turned 26 this week and the main thing that means to me is that I am still single. Of course reflecting on the last year I made a ton of money and ran faster than I ever have before, and this year looks to be an improvement on that in both respects, yet I am still single. It was two hours of reference and direction right where I needed it.

So, you know... I am extraordinarily blessed. God blesses me with abundance and opportunity at every turn. While it is rarely when I would like it, it is always at the right time and better than I expected.

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