Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How Does One Measure Patience?

I was complaining to some friends and coworkers last week about something that I always neglected to do, I don't remember what it was, maybe it was get an oil change or clean my van or check my email or something. I explained that I rarely have the patience to sit around and wait for whatever it was to get done. My friends laughed at me! They went on to explain that I sit at a desk nine hours a day and then go running for an hour and a half and that is far more patience than most people can admit to having.

After that I did what I always do, think about it for a few hours. I came to the conclusion that I have no idea. Without some way to compare patience or mental activity or time versus rewards across disciplines there seems to be no great way to measure patience. If anyone has any comments or thoughts I would be interested to hear them.

Furthermore, is there a good level of patience? Is it important to have some patience, but not so much that you never progress?

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