Thursday, March 15, 2012

This Is It!

I have been watching Internet videos and reading books. The video is so good, it conveys the feeling of a track meet. The book, well, death is kind of a big deal and how you approach it is easily in my mind the most important thing in the world.

The point is, you have to keep the fire alive! I have been contemplating my next "trip" or expedition rather. The unique thing about post-collegiate life is that there is plenty of time to make decisions and think through problems. I am seriously in no rush, and I do not like it. The solution to life's issues should not simply be: wait a few more weeks for a few more paychecks. Yet all too often I find myself caring about the numbers and sticking to what I know.

I have fears of shaking my life up too much that I will ruin the good thing that I have going. I am afraid to cannibalize myself. Yet every time I can think of that I have taken a chance to do something that others do not do, I have been rewarded in some way far greater than I expected. Several examples, going to school at WPI, a thousand miles from what I knew, I was rewarded with an amazing education, five and a half years of incredible experiences, and a cadre of amigos that I will care about the rest of my life regardless of how little I actually speak to them. Going out for college track, I made more close friends than I ever expected and I ran faster and more than I ever thought I would. Going to Pakistan was definitely a life changing experience I desire to go through something similar again. Simply put, when people are dying near you on a mountain it makes your life so much more real and important and every minute becomes a greater gift!

The point is, and in large part it is to get myself more motivated, I can't sit around and wait for things to happen, this is it! I have to go after the things that I want! If I don't do these things, someone else will, and they are no more qualified than I. Get after it! This is it!

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