Saturday, March 10, 2012

Learning, Learning, Learning

I spent my Friday afternoon and evening at Grinnell College watching the NCAA D3 Indoor Track and Field Championships. Some thoughts:

Those competitors from the midwest, like Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota are pretty cool customers when it comes to the pressure of competing at nationals and I can think of a few reasons why. We drive to the meet instead of fly. When you fly to a race it just makes it that much more important to perform well. In New England the runners run D3 New Englands, All New Englands, ECACs, and some even have a conference meet before nationals. Add to that the best chance to run a good time is often at one of the BU meets. By the time people arrive at nationals they are used up. That is my guess why the fastest guy in the 800 and mile looked like he was burnt out last night.  Around these parts we have conference and nationals.

Grinnell College is beautiful! Seriously, it is in the middle of nowhere, but the campus is amazing and how much time do you spend off campus while you are in college anyway? They also have the 6th highest endowment per student in the country. That's $1.1M per student in the bank collecting interest. Thus the amazing campus.

In Abaqus contacts are propagated throughout an analysis you do not have to specify them in every step. At least I think I have learned this. I just went into the office this morning in part because of this but I think I learned that earlier this week. I am not a contact expert yet.

When driving to multiple day event with the intention of returning home every night, bring an overnight bag with clothing, chargers, and a laptop, just in case you have the opportunity to stay the night.

When one has a minor sickness, such as a cold, a hot tottie may be a practical tool to use against the symptoms of a sore throat, congestion, and sinus blockage. Not appropriate for all ages and only tested by the author at a volume of one serving. Consult your physician.

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