Monday, March 5, 2012

Experiencing Sickness

I am sick. I left work early today because I was having to blow my nose ever more frequently. I should have seen this coming. I ran 14+ miles Sunday. When I am sick I feel it in my legs, specifically my quads, when I run. The run knocked the sickness out of me Sunday but it came back to my weakened body today. Ugh, my sinuses are stuffed up and my nose is auditioning for Niagra Falls. It is funny how our minds deal with this kind of thing. I am certain I will wake up and go to work tomorrow, but it is ridiculous to focus on working instead getting healthy. Yet I still worry more about missing a few hours of work than I do spreading disease to all of my coworkers and being unproductive for a day. In the dialogue in my head, "unacceptable."

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