Monday, March 19, 2012

On the Issue of a Motorcycle

I try to convey a subtle message that I am a bold, daring and brave man. In reality I am simply an analytical coward. I have a higher tolerance for risk than most people but I only partake in those activities which the height of the reward outweighs the likelihood of the risk. People die on a mountain because they ascend with headaches, ascend with frostbite, climb unroped, and travel onto avalanche prone slopes. Take away those four contributing factors and the number of deaths is about 90 percent less.

I bought a motorcycle. I have wanted one since I rode my friend's Yamaha 175 around in high school. So I finally plopped down the money and bought a 1966 Yamaha ya6 123cc one cylinder.

So it is likely I get in an accident this year. Yet I will save lots in fuel this long summer and it's hard not to smile after riding a motorcycle.


  1. I hope you don't get in an accident. Ride safely!

  2. Yeah me too, I shall give it my attention. It just seemed like the next logical step.


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