Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Not Rocket Science: Week 37

The defining moment of the week was the phone call with GE when they let me know that I interviewed really well but they were going with someone more experienced. That was a huge downer. As a consequence I only applied for a handful of jobs, in the upper single digits. What did I spend the rest of my time doing?

I started working on designing an airplane. Basically the reason I have stuck with the aerospace industry the last eight years was that I had this one project that I want to do. I am more or less waiting for technology to increase just a little so that it is actually possible. I was interested in aerospace before I conceived of this particular project and I have many other interests both within aerospace and outside of aerospace to keep me happy, but this one idea in particular means more to me than all of those other ideas. With that in mind, a few shelfs full of textbooks and college reports I decided to design an air. So even though no one is paying me to do rocket science, I'm going to do it on my own for free because I am passionate about it.

I had a few job leads and the most interesting to me involves going back to school to get a PhD. I have known for a few year that I would probably get a doctorate some day but I really wanted to get some real world experience before because Dr... intimidates some people and I don't want to scare people away.

I ran every day this week. That is the positive aspect. I ran 72 miles which considering the 100+ mile weeks the last two is a huge departure. Part of it was due to the let down of not getting the GE job. Most of it was due to the high for the week being 24 degrees and it only got up to 20 one two days this week. Additionally we had a huge snow storm Sunday at the start of the week and very little of it melted so more than a week later it is still slippery out. More importantly in the winter I consider the time that I spend running and I spent over 10 hours running which would be 80+ miles in warmer weather. No long, medium long, or workouts of any kind. That was due to the same stuff as above. I did run every day and 72 miles is not a wasted week it is above average for me (on a yearly scale).

My cousin graduated from college with a Bachelors of Music degree. That is super cool. I mean having a degree, and in her case a teaching certificate, does not guarantee a job but once you have it, you have it until you die.

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