Wednesday, December 15, 2010

24 Hours of Career... uh... Excitement?

Four things happened from Monday afternoon until Tuesday morning that could all in some way impact my career. Considering the drought I've had in this area most of this year that makes it significant.

  1. Engineers Without Borders: I received an email from a friend and former roommate about a project with greenhouses in Argentina. I replied that I knew an engineer who spoke Spanish and had experience with greenhouses. He wanted that person's contact info and I revealed that I was such a person. A slew of emails later, perhaps I can help.
  2. Contract position at a local company: I received an email from a person I had an informal interview with more than a month ago about a temporary contract position that they have coming up. It seems promising.
  3. PhD Internship at another company: I emailed my graduate school advisor a few days ago about career advice and he emailed me back that one of the companies he is working with has an opening to do nearly the same thing I did for my masters, for a PhD. Dr. Janzen sounds pretty cool so I am sold. This seems most promising.
  4. GE Aviation called: They chose to go with someone who had more materials experience. I did "interview really well" yet the person they chose had experience more closely matching the position. This is frustrating because I saw that position as my dream job. Fortunately, it was not as depressing as I thought it would be. I realized that I did all I could at the interview, I sent Thank Yous, I followed up with a few phone calls, and it took them over six weeks to let me know. That means that it took them that long to find some one definitively better than me. Had they called me four days after the interview it would have meant I was out of my league. I was at least competitive. Quite likely I was beaten by someone older than me with more experience.
Quite a lot of relative career action in my life.

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