Thursday, December 30, 2010


 I was inspired to write this post because of my friends. None of them have died because of an alcohol related problem, yet, but they are young.

The Mayo Clinic describes alcoholism as one who depends on alcohol and who loses control over his or her drinking. WebMD describes alcoholism as unhealthy or dangerous drinking habits. The old saying goes, "you're not an alcoholic until you start going to meetings" is a dangerous thing to say.

  • Numerous friends of mine have had their stomachs pumped in an emergency room at a hospital. 
  • Dozens of my friends have thrown up because of drinking alcohol. 
  • One of my friends was unresponsive with a pulse around 30 one of the times he did not go to the hospital after drinking. 
  • A slew of my friends have gotten into legal trouble because of drinking. At least one lost her driver's license for half a year.
  • Other friends of mine have had sex with someone while they were blacked out drunk. 
  • Rumor has it at least one of my friends conceived a baby while black out drunk. 
Where does it end?

WebMD suggests that three drinks for women and four drinks for men is the limit. Here is a suggestion, if you drink twice that much and think you are safe to drive or you feel fine, please think twice. A close relative of mine spend time social working in prisons and she says that apparently most people (at least in our neck of the woods in Wisconsin) are in prison for alcohol related problems.

I'm not saying don't drink alcohol. I'm not even saying don't get legally drunk. I'm saying don't drink and drive. Don't drink so fast that you black out. Don't drink so much that you could actually die. 

I count 15 cans and 9 bottles and at least one underage person, thank you Facebook

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