Monday, July 12, 2010

It's Not Rocket Science: Week 14

It was a good week for several reasons. First of all I had two contacts about possible jobs. One was from an employer who was interested in hiring me several months ago for a direct government job but for whatever reason I was ruled out in the selection process so he never even had the option of interviewing me. However, he is now interested in hiring a contractor and is planning on considering me. The work is in the research and development with emphasis on the development of materials manufacturing processes. That is just what I would like to do. The second is a friend's dad who knows all sort of people among them a plastics company that might be interested in a materials engineer.

Other than that I had a good week of running. I had a 19 mile long run in the fog on Magnolia road and a four mile tempo in 22:21 which is a very pleasing time for me considering the altitude. Then Saturday I set the currently fastest known time on the Buchanan-Pawnee Passes loop. For a total of 92 miles this week.

As far as work went: we only had six hours of climbing all week. The rest of the time we spent working building a bridge (about 32 feet long) across a stream. I plan on taking some pictures and showing the general process. this is going to be a very stable bridge.

As far as my personal climbing: I climbed our 5.12 again which I think is about 5.12c. Then I spent some time in a local climbing gym doing V1 and V2 problems far easier than I ever have before. I also did well on a 5.12a after I was really tired and I made it most of the way up a V5. My finger tips are very hard and I am climbing very well right now. Better than I ever have before. I mean 5.12s are hard however you slice it. That being said, I was checking out some 5.13s in the gym and I can see the holds and I know how to hold them. However, I can tell that I do not have the specific strength to hold myself onto the wall on a 5.13.

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