Saturday, July 3, 2010

Internet Punishment

For the last month I have been existing mostly on Internet that comes from a satellite dish. Along with several dozen of my acquaintances. We were warned about two weeks ago of the high amount of data that we were using (mostly streaming videos, file sharing and one person in particular was watching CSI:Miami). So having streamed some Hulu and Flotrack videos early in June I felt partly responsible for this problem. However, I need to find a job starting in August, pay my bills, check my email, and I like updating my running log (and blog for that matter). All of those things require very little bandwidth.

This is one of those cases where the majority of people are punished because of a very few people who take advantage of the system. Basically, it makes a lot of us pretty mad. It's an unfortunate situation because they do not have any proof who the one or two big offenders are. Unfortunately, they do not have the capability to track what computer is doing the illegal file sharing or streaming video and using all of our bandwidth. I will willingly submit my computer for inspection so that I can be proved innocent. The worst part is that whoever it was continued to stream video after we were warned to limit Internet use.

That is to say, don't punish me for file sharing or streaming video when our bandwidth was near the limit. It would be good to find out who was the main offender and dole out an appropriate punishment.

As I face an ever nearing unemployment not having readily available Internet access is frustrating. Life always works out, so I try to remain confident that I will find something. Of the entire camp staff (less than 20) I am the most educated and yet I am the only one with nothing to do come August. It's strange my path in life. I don't get it.

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