Thursday, October 1, 2009

How much do I eat?

A few weeks ago a friend asked on Facebook how much I ate every day. I've tried to track calories somewhat the past two weeks and it is not easy because many things I eat come without labels. Anyway here is a go of my Wednesday:

Breakfast 1:
Multigrain bagel: 400 calories

Breakfast 2:
14 oz 1% milk: 180 calories
Kookies (cereal): 360 calories
8 oz. coffee with three Mini-Moos and one sugar: 2+30+15=47

Lunch 1:
Hummus sandwich on oat nut bread: 280
24 oz. 1% milk: 330

Lunch 2:
Panera chicken bacon Dijon: 940 (if it was country bread)

24 oz Gatorade: 150
Pizza at a microbrewery, not too filling: 700 calories
Long island iced tea: 250 calories

Vitamin water 20 oz. lemonade: 125
Wednesday Total: 3,362 calories

And Tuesday:
Ham, Egg and cheese on multigrain bagel at Dunkin Donuts: 590 calories
14 oz milk: 180 calories
10 oz coffee with four creamers and three sugars: 3+40+45=88 calories

One slice of pizza with broccoli and chicken: 250 calories
Small salad but with blue cheese dressing: 400 calories

Spaghetti with vodka sauce, olive oil, and bay scallops: 400 calories
Ice cream: 400 calories
Tuesday total: 2,308 calories

And Monday:
12 oz. Mocha: 400 calories
Two muffins: 900 calories

Three slices of oat nut bread: 360 calories
Hummus on each slice: 90 calories

Lunch 2:
6 oz. steak with a slice of pickle on a hot dog bun: 420 calories
one serving of bacon potato salad: 130 calories

12" buffalo chicken pizza with pineapple from Domino's: 1000 calories
Monday total: 3,300 calories

Average over three days: 2,990 calories

This is not an exact science and I usually don't eat this much pizza or buy this much restaurant food but it is not uncommon. So I probably eat a little less than 3,000 calories a day. Also in these three days I ran 41 miles which is a little higher than normal.

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  1. this amount may not be enough for a man who exercises as rigorously as you do.


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