Sunday, January 6, 2019

New Year's Resolutions

Wednesday, at work my boss came past my desk area and asked if anyone wanted to go to lunch. We all brought our lunch, and then he complained in a jocular tone that everyone's new year's resolutions were to eat better, because people that sit in our adjacent area had new year's resolutions to eat better.

Thursday another two more of my coworkers mentioned something about new year's resolutions and several others chimed in, at which point I finally spoke up and said that I was happy that I worked with people that made new year's resolutions and talked about them. Everywhere else I have worked people that admit to having new year's resolutions are the minority.

Why do I like new year's resolutions? I like when people talk about their goals, that way I can maybe help support them. The process for doing just about anything goes like this:
  1. Think about doing it.
  2. Talk about doing it.
  3. Doing it.
When people don't have any goals, relationship or process related goals, or the traditional achievement goals, I don't know how to relate or how to support that person. It's okay to fail in your goals. A goal of mine in 2017 was finish my private pilot's license. I had the same goal in 2018 and now the same goal in 2019. I think this will finally be the year, haha... hopefully.

Point being, a year is a nice span of time to accomplish a moderate sized goal. When others are trying to accomplish a goal we can support each other so hopefully we all make our goals. So why not make a goal? If you fail, well you failed. I suggest setting multiple goals of varying difficulty so that you will probably accomplish some of them. For example, in 2018 I wanted to get back into aerospace, and now I am. I wanted to go to the 100k world championships, and I did. 

What are my goals for 2019?
  • Finish my private pilot's license.
  • Get my weight under 135 lbs. (I'm at 145 lbs. now tied for the heaviest I have ever been with my freshman year of college, thanks to a lackluster running career in 2018 and some upper body rock climbing muscle. In all my best races I have been under 130 lbs. but I don't absolutely need to get back to being that light, because it's not actually about the specific number on the scale. This is really more of a process goal, about eating well and exercising quite a bit. Ending the year at 137 lbs. and very strong might be a total success, or similarly 133 lbs. and very weak would be a failure. And don't expect me to blog about this at all, I know how most people get offended when I talk about wanting to lose a few pounds. For the record I've never had an eating disorder, but many friends of mine have, and for that reason you will never find me less than 120 lbs. (that would be a BMI less than 20) even if I was offered $1 million running contract per year.)
  • Running goals:
    • January: 150 miles
    • February: 200 miles
    • March: 250 miles
    • April: 300 miles
    • May: hummm... think about racing
    • Maybe a trail 100 mile race?
    • Definitely going to take an attempt at Nolan's 14 this summer if my running comes around.
  • Save up enough money to either buy a car or go on an expedition (around $15,000).
  • Climbing goals:
    • Lead a beginners Mount Rainier trip.
    • Trad climb 5.10 a couple times.
    • Do a big route at Red Rocks this year.
    • Finish the Colorado 14ers, I have 26 left.
  • Relationship goals:
    • Visit my grandparents more than 2018 or 2017.
    • Go on some dates (I have one Thursday).
    • Get to some sort of relationship status with a female...
    • Host someone overnight at my apartment every month. (I'm paying a few hundred dollars a month for that second bedroom I rarely use, so it would be nice to have a few guests.)

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