Saturday, January 12, 2019

Colorado Startup Life: Week 16

Last week was good (December 30th to January 5th). It started with an attempt on Sunshine Peak near Lake City, but due to avalanche danger at treeline I turned around and it didn't happen. And of course, that's okay. I had a bit of a sore throat from camping in the -4F weather the night before, so I headed back to Longmont.

I basically sat on the couch the next couple days. That's not totally accurate, on New Year's Eve I went rock climbing with an Iowa friend and then hung out in downtown Denver with my Iowa friend and his girlfriend. It was funny, around 10:30 we left the party and after one more drink at his sister's apartment, we went to bed before midnight. #gettingold

Work was quiet this week. It was only three days of work, and many people were still out on vacation. That big redesign I talked about started going much better. I did some FEA and it converged and the results were positive. The new design has fewer parts, is more conventional, and uses some off the shelf parts that are cryogenic capable.

Ran 19.9 miles this week, and my goal for January is 150 miles. I'm behind schedule on that but I did 56 in November and 100 in December, and stepping up by 50 miles a month doesn't seem too difficult. After Sunshine Peak, and then rock climbing, it appears I strained my right pectoral muscle. Who does that?! And I have a blister on my right foot now. Fortunately the pectoral has recovered due to self massage and not much rock climbing, but the blister is still an issue.

Fun fact, I'm getting paid... because working at a series A funded startup is more stable than the United States government?

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