Monday, July 6, 2015

The Selfie Stick

So here is my experience with the selfie stick. We took the selfie stick because a 17 year old girl left it at my friend's condo after fireworks and the question at 4 AM was, "Should we take it?" "Yes!" I answered. I had never played with one of these things so I thought it would be fun. These picture were all taken Saturday around 12:40 on top of the unnamed peak C in the Gore Range just north of Vail, Colorado.
How does this thing work?
Oh it's working!
Group Picture!
Then I thought, how can I make this more ridiculous? What can I do that takes the self centered attitude that is a selfie stick and make a mockumentary or satire style picture out of it?
Oh yes, put the selfie stick in the picture!!!!!
One more ridiculous picture!
It's funny because with smart phone cameras facing the screen, you can simply reach out your hand and take a selfie. Having a stick to do it felt over the top. I already feel self centered enough most of the time that the thought I could take it a step further, that there is something appealing to our vain desire to have pictures of ourselves, I just think, 'wow'.

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