Monday, July 13, 2015

I Live in Iowa: Week 212

Short this week, I'm tired. 

Sunday I went for a run up Cinch, the road up Beaver Creek ski resort, ended up being 12 miles, a bit more than expected. Highest elevation was just over 11,000 feet.

Monday I drove back to Iowa, yep, it takes a day.

Tuesday was a quiet day at work.

Wednesday we had a meeting at work at about 8:30. The topic: who is going to Shreveport? I thought it would be our mechanic and one of two others. Nope, they were both busy, it was my turn. 2:20 PM flight to Dallas! However I was bumped from that flight ended up on a 6 PM flight, then drove three hours to Shreveport arriving at 1 AM.

Thursday at 7 AM we meet in the hotel lobby and head to the site of our work. By 8 AM the wrenches are turning and the temperature is past 80F. We go all day until about 5:45, then head back the hotel to shower and go eat, which is all finished by 8:15. I manage to run four miles on the treadmill, then pass out in my bed. 

Friday starts at 6 AM and we are finishing up our work shortly after that. By 10 AM the machine is repaired, both of us test drove it, and our work there was done. I went for an eight mile run in 92F and humid weather before driving back four and a half hours (traffic!) to Dallas. I would not desire greatly to live in Dallas. We fly to Moline and drive back to Dubuque and I turn the lights off in my apartment at 12:05 AM Saturday. 

Saturday I woke up at 11, I'm not kidding. I went and had coffee and wrote the peak C trip report before going for a nine mile run including my first 20 minute tempo in months (6:10 pace). Then I laid around the rest of the day, tired from a busy few days. 

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