Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I Live in Iowa: Week 211

This was a really good week. Mostly because I was in Colorado climbing mountains the last two days, and before that I was running quite a bit. The strange thing is, while work obviously takes the majority of my waking time, it has been quiet at work lately. 

For example, Thursday we had a dip day in celebration of Independance Day. Not much work gets done when ten people are standing behind my desk eating a variety of dips. That being said, I'm working on a cost reduction project for a little bracket, and came up with the winning design (my own words) printed off a plastic 3D model full size, found a couple short comings, and then updated it and handed it off to supply management. It's a tiny little project, but I have had full autonomy and that is awesome! So often projects at work get bogged down in meetings and having to pass a variety of difficult and competing criteria, it's nice to have little bite size chunks of simple success. 

Similarly, Colorado was a huge success. We drove through the night Thursday, which is almost easy with two drivers. Climbed part of the first flatiron outside Boulder Friday, then drove up to Avon (Vail) and had this amazing brisket. Saturday we woke up at 3:30 AM and proceeded to go after an unnamed mountain and possibly a first ascent. You will have to wait for the trip report to hear the details, suffice to say for now that it could not have gone much better.

Ran 29 miles, which is really good considering I took Friday and Saturday off, and only ran three on Thursday when I was scheduled to run eight. 

Sometimes it feels like life just flies by and while I didn't especially feel rushed this past week, wow I was productive last week. 

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