Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Relationships are Built on Your Time

This production launch has taught me a lot. I have earned a lot of factory credibility, which not all of the design team can say. Some of them are better deaigners than I yet, when it comes to getting something done even supervisors (not mine but others) and managers come to me to get it done because I can push it through faster than nearly anyone else. And the only reason for that credibility on my side is that is that I have spent so much time in the factory the last four months. I didn't win anyone over with my skills or ingenuity, I won them over with my time. 

The saying, "walk a mile in someone's shoes before judging him" is because we often do not understand what we have not experienced. That goes both ways. It's not just me not understanding him, it's him not understanding me. And us spending time together provides an opportunity to understand each other. So when I want to get something done, that person will better understand where I am coming from because we've talked so much. It goes the other way too. When he requests a change from me, I'm very willing to accommodate. 

The depth of a relationship may not be based on the sheer number of hours spent together, but it does take hours to develop a deep relationship. Life is about our relationships. 

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