Friday, March 20, 2015

Bone Remodeling

The process of fracture recovery has several stages, immediate inflammation, soft bone callous formation, hard bone callous formation, and finally bone remodeling, which is the constant process of bone replacement. We have osteoclasts and osteoblasts that work to put material where we need it and not where we don't. I keep having this vision in my head of my bones on a microscopic level building cells and having strands of 20 cells thick new bone, that I try to run on and subsequently break. Patience, I tell myself. 

As I search for more meaning to this I stumbled upon an interesting theory. A year and a half ago, being vegan for 10 weeks I probably didn't get the calcium I needed while running 80+ miles a week. But it was so minor that no big deal. Then I went to Mt. Everest and again didn't get much calcium, and spent two weeks above 17,000 feet, not getting stronger. Coming home from that I threw myself into running high mileage and put my body into a program necessitating time off and never really took a few weeks off. Then I go to Colorado, wear tight boots and ramp up my running mileage and get stressed at work (hormonal implications) and then I'm broken. 

April and May are going to be interesting. I have already decided I'm going to take time off and try to heal from everything, physical and mental. I'm planning to work on my motorcycle, take walks, and let my bones remodel.

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