Monday, November 18, 2013

I Live in Iowa: Week 132

Work was a week of some ups and downs. While another member of the team was in Lousiana checking up on a machine, I was describing over the phone the problem we had to go to Canada for, and wouldn't you know it, even though he is a software and electrical guy, he found the issue. I almost jumped out of my seat at work when he said, "Oh! That's a big crack! I can't believe I didn't see it." Great. So we have a repeatable problem to fix. Fortunately, we are not expecting to travel for this incident, we can just send the repair information. Still it's unfortunate because it means the Canadian incident wasn't a fluke, it's the norm.

We made progress in other areas. It can be hard, from the ground level engineering where I am to see the day to day and weekly developments, despite the fact I am the one sending out the reports and new information.

Running is getting much better! I put in a 9.7 mile week! That's not even counting the 2.5 miles I jogged during the men's and women's races up at St. Olaf either. I'm coming back. There is still a chronic muscle tear deep in my right calf and it's not healed yet.  It takes time.

Coaching, was not quite as great as I hoped it might be. We had a number of personal records this week, and best race of the season for others, but due to injuries the last month we just are not the team we were six weeks ago. I don't really want to dwell on it right now. In short we ended the season with NCAA D3 regionals at St. Olaf in Northfield, MN.

Finally, I went to see my grandparents who live in Minnesota. Seeing as how my grandma is 87, it's best I cherish all the time I can. What did I learn on this particular trip? My grandma has had a slew of dental work, so I feel better about my first filling and cavities. Also, a large ethanol plant closed in their town and that means 40 people are out of a job. Small town economics are sad. I mean either you have the young people or you don't. What defines young people is hard to say, it might just mean a steady supply of 65 year old retirees, but it means new people. A town with no one new will die off.

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