Sunday, January 15, 2012

Guessing the Olympic Marathon Trials

On the men's side:
1. Meb
2. Hall
3. Abdi
4. Ritz
5. Gotcher
6. Carlson
7. Cabada
8. Archinaga
9. Carney
10. Jimmy Grabow?

I guessed:
1. Hall
2. Meb
3. Ritz
4. Trafeh
5. Archinaga
6. Morgan
7. Gotcher
8. Hartman
9. Cabada
10. Sigl

That's two of the top three and six of the top ten. And who is Jimmy Grabow? (I just looked him up, he debuted today but was a 1:03 half and 28:35 10k 27 year old who puts in 120 miles per week regularly. Well, that's about what a 2:12 takes.) Also, congratulations to Carlson, Cabada, and Carney who all set PRs today. The toughest part is that Ritz set a five second PR to finally break 2:10 and he gets 4th.

On the women's side:
1. Flanagan
2. Davilia
3. Goucher
4. Hastings
5. Cherobon-Bawcom
6. Kastor
7. Grandt
8. McKaig
9. McMahan
10. Lewy-Boulet

I guessed:
1. Davilia
2. Flanagan
3. Kastor
4. Goucher
5. Lewy-Boulet
6. Hastings
7. Rothstein
8. McGregor
9. Rhines
10. Grandt

That's two of the top three and seven of the top ten. The big surprise of the top ten is Janet Cherobon-Bawcom who set an eight minute PR to 2:29 today. Rumor had it her trainingwas going well, but an eight minute PR is pretty big. Shalane did set a three minute PR to win although New York is considered harder than the trials course.

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