Sunday, January 1, 2012

That Was Not the Plan...

I'm siting here in a condo in Dillion on the day that I plan to start heading back to Iowa, and this "vacation" has not gone as planned. I originally intended to do ice climbing and skiing, but as things happen that turned into some hiking, running and private brewery tours. That is just the way it goes.

After the Longs Peak failure, which I am totally content with because the wind was making it less safe, I took a rest day. Then the next couple days we either had a late start to the skiing day and didn't ski or it was too windy or the snow was bad. Although I may still ski Loveland pass. So... It was not what I intended to do. How does one evaluate the "success" of doing something other than intended?

On the upside I had two private brewery tours at the Breckenridge Brewery in Denver and in Breckenridge, even though I don't drink beer. It was interesting because this is one of the expanding breweries and one that is trying new things all the time. Plus, when I say private brewery tour I mean all the details even the ladders and catwalks. After dozens of sterilized tours it was refreshing to feel part of the club. It was almost as comfortable as I feel at John Deere in the factory. Plus, I met some more people and once again expanded my social circle. While I value my family and close friends more than simple acquaintances, I have benefited from my acquaintances greatly and you never know what events in life will lead an acquaintance to being a best friend. Perhaps the ever present role of relationships is once again the reason things happened the way they did. As with most things I am still too close to the events to interpret a deeper meaning.

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