Friday, October 14, 2011

Beside a Corn Field...

Right now I am in the AmericInn outside of LaCrosse, Wisconsin because the UD te I coach is running at the Tim Jerews cross country meet tomorrow. We ran the course, which is fast and on a golf course, and beside a corn field. I had the realization as we walked to the bus after our run that many times in the last ten years I have gone to race in places surrounded by agricultural fields. Why is any of this worth talking about? Tomorrow we line up beside the University of Minnesota and I am pretty sure they will send a few runners under 25 minutes for 8km. To me that kind of ability seems like it should be in a place with cameras and fans and stadiums, not beside a corn field in Wisconsin. But that is the whole point! These places are all just places on the earth and people are all just people. At some point we each spend time alone and in places that are "normal". Corn is normal. There is not much more of anything in the United States that is more normal than corn. The relationship between just people and just corn to me exemplifies the relationships between all of us on the earth. No one is isolated from everyone else. We must work to not ruin it for everyone else.

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