Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Live in Iowa: Week 17

This week was kind of how I imagine the next four months going. I worked a nice 42 hours. It is a continuing learning experience. I did some work a few weeks ago, started the report, went through a second iteration of the report then it was suggested I redo some things. I suppose that's part of the learning experience, but it is typically not exciting to redo something. That being said, this particular project will be and already has been a good experience for me from a modeling point of view.

I ran 79 miles including a nice 20:12 6k tempo that is the fastest 6k tempo I have ever done. I also did some 400s and strides so a fair week for quality over all. I biked 155 miles including two 60 mile rides. That's about 18.5 hours of exercise this week. A new training record for me. I am planning to make an announcement this week about my upcoming training plans, stay tuned.

I went to sleep twice this week at 9 because I was sick all week. I had a sore throat starting last week and it got worse Friday so that I finally took some expired-for-over-a-year azithromycin antibiotics. Within two hours of the first pill I felt better than I had in over a week. I ran that nice tempo feeling half decent, which always makes a workout easier.

You see, when I am running a lot of miles I get sick really easily. My immune system is weak because of all the physcial stress. It is a hazard of the pursuit.

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