Saturday, August 20, 2011


Life is a game that takes us a long time to figure out. As running is a subset of the seconds of my life, it too involves a number of factors that I strive to understand. A professional career is the same way, many components requiring different skills. Cooking is the perfect example, many components at the right times and in the right quantities each component with it's own standards for optimal flavor.

I am not very good at sitting still. I mean that in the metaphorical sense. I see people who go to work, go home, and watch tv. It seems to be a popular past time that is more pronounced now than when I was younger. As much as I enjoy sitting in front of the tube at the end of the day, I can not imagine that being my main activity. This was a bit of an atypical week for me because the cross country runners arrived and I started coaching after work, and since I have not fallen into a rhythm yet I was running as the sun went down at least three days this week.

Time management is a critical skill and something that I have not really had to employ since 2009. It is possible to do so many different things in a day or week, but the more anyone desires to do, the more efficient with time that person must be. One of my favorite things about high school and college track was hanging out after practice stretching, and going to eat, spending several hours not being terribly productive. Those days were somewhat rare in college as I spent quite a lot of time studying and in meetings in the evenings, yet there were still many of them. Now as I am trying to figure out my schedule I am working on figuring out the optimal order the ingredients of my life will be on a daily basis. Will I run three times per day? Before work, with the cross country team, then after practice? How will I eat supper in that kind of situation, because I do not run well directly after I eat. Should I really try to wake up at 5AM every day to get my main run in during the morning? The problem is that many of my workouts take an hour and a half or more and that would mean waking up around 4:30. Plus, I have never really run well early in the morning. On top of all that, when do I do laundry? It sounds like a simple problem, but I need an hour and a half to do laundry, and I prefer to do it during the week, but with a 9-10PM bedtime that means getting done with everything else by 7:30-8:30, which is pushing it.

It will certainly get figured out. It always does. Until further notice the best way to contact me is using my phone number. I have over 2000 unread emails, not counting the emails I automatically have filtered.

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