Friday, June 17, 2011

My Old Road Bicycle

I had a question from my friend who rode a bicycle from Vancouver to Tierra Del Fuego about my bicycles after the article about my cyclocross bike. Well I currently ride a 1980 era Miyata Professional with a Dura-Ace crank and Campagnolo everything else. It has six gears on the back ranging from 24 teeth to 13 teeth. My cranks are 42 teeth and 53 teeth. It's a racing bike.
Complete with a hard saddle, and new aerobars from my uncle
It says, "Miyata" will be a cool restoration project
"Professional", "Dura-Ace" and I just bought pedals!
The bike is made from 4140 and is double butted at the joints so that thinner steel can be used throughout. It's a great bicycle. I've done several 100+ mile rides on it, I've ridden it up Mt. Evans in Colorado, and all over Kansas, Wisconsin, Massachusetts and Iowa.

It's an amazing bike. I do not plan to ever get rid of it. In fact, I would like to get it restored some day. The problem is that it does not have the best steel technology in it so it is not as stiff as the modern bicycles, which means it doesn't climb hills as well when I stand on the pedals. It also weight as shown about 23 pounds. Light in it's day but my new road bicycle is going be 16-17 pounds, because I went with low class parts. With high class parts it would totally be 14-15 pounds. For a lightweight like me that's a huge difference.

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