Monday, June 13, 2011

I Live in Iowa: Week 8

Two months! That's crazy! Actually, I had quite the good week. I was stimulated on several fronts. In the engineering world I have been working on a plastic simulation and this is cutting edge stuff. No one has said it, but this might just be my ticket to a published scientific paper. There are so many unquantified variables that trying to make it all work in the computer environment is not strait forward.

Professionally = fulfilling

In the exercising world I ran about 2 miles at 5:50 pace in a 5:00 AM workout with the triathlon club. Then I took two days off and ran a 4 mile race, the Grandview Gallop. I was second overall out of like 1000. I talked to the winner (who was like 1:45 ahead of me) and it looks like I might have a good training partner in the future.

I only ran 32 miles so running a 21:38 4 miles was rather satisfying considering the one small workout I have done in the last month.

I also spent a lot of time bicycling and hanging out at the bicycle shop. Eventually those hours at the bicycle shop ended with me buying a 6 series Trek Madone. So in 2-3 weeks I will have quite the high end road bike.

On Friday night I did like 40 miles on the bicycle including 16 miles from Balltown to my duplex in 38 minutes. That's 26-27 miles an hour. That's huge for me. I shelled out several hundred dollars for shoes and pedals this week and it makes a huge difference. I mean sustaining 25+ mph for that length of time by myself, wow, I must be in better shape than I thought. Anytime that I have a good performance it makes me wonder, 'since I didn't work that hard to get this performance, what can I do if I work a little harder?'

Physically = fulfilling

On the social front I spent time with my friend from high school that I work with. People change, all the time, and my friend has changed for the better. He is pretty cool.

I am also enjoying Wednesday night bicycles rides. Bicycling in a group is very social, much like running, and I like doing something healthy with others. Next step, getting other people to eat whole wheat pasta and organic vegetables and filet mignon with me.

Socially = not totally fulfilling but partially fulfilling

So it is what it is. I am still single, a little lonely, but I am making a ton of money, exercising like crazy, and eating great. I suppose I can't have everything at once. I am enjoying life and exploring the backcountry Iowa roads. I enjoy work as much as ever. Life is good. I mean, I am doing it, living the engineering and athletic life that I would like. Of course I hope I get better at both aspects, but I am improving.

I am so fortunate and blessed.

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